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Why we’re determined to abolish gear snobbery

Every live sound engineer will have a story similar to this one, for it is as old as live music itself... You turn up to the gig. You've been asked to bring your own kit, which is fair enough; the band is a relatively new outfit and doubtless has zero budget for a decent PA system. So, out comes your trusty amp, mixer and speakers. You bust a gut carrying them from your van, up a flight of stairs which wouldn't [...]

NOVA Euphoria 300 packs a punch!

The NOVA Euphoria 300 is an ultra-compact, high-performance PA system: EUPHORIA 300 combines all the advantages of a column system with the performance of a professional sound system. EUPHORIA 300 is so compact that it fits comfortably in the boot of a micro-car. Designed and manufactured with first-class components the NOVA EUPHORIA 300 provides "packs a big punch". The NOVA EUPHORIA 300 is based on the same technology as the large line array systems also available from NOVA.  The ultra-compact EX300 column loudspeakers are equipped [...]