Monthly Archives - March 2016

How to choose the right PA system

We’re on a mission to give people the world over the chance to sample the sheer brilliance of NOVA’s PA gear, but the fact that this fantastic brand occupies a landscape littered with competitors and all manner of speaker, mixer, amp and controller configurations demonstrates how tricky it can be for the customer. How on earth do you battle through the overwhelming range of options available and pick the right PA? If you’re sitting staring at your laptop screen, scratching your [...]

What is sound?

Sound is everywhere. Even in the quietest of rooms, it can make its presence felt purely by the ambient sounds of the living, breathing planet we inhabit. In concert venues, it is somewhat more noticeable, but given sound’s prevalence everywhere, it’s easy to overlook a very important question… What is sound? For audio engineers, whether they be based in the studio or on the road, understanding the intricacies of sound is an important life lesson. If you’re sat behind a mixing [...]