5 tips for running sound at an outdoor gig

With the festival season fast approaching, the thoughts of sound engineers the world over will be occupied by the often tricky prospect of mixing sound outdoors. Open air gigs are wonderful things to attend, but continue to present some very real challenges for the team behind the mixing board. Without the comfort of walls and ceilings and with the added complication of changeable weather conditions, mixing live sound in the elements is tricky to master and logistically difficult. Ask the best [...]

NOVA Elite roars at Bike4Life 2016

Our sister company, Precise Events, knows a thing or two about providing the kind of live audio kit required for open air gigs, and last weekend they did just that at the Bike4Life festival at RAF Cosford. Tasked with kicking off the 2016 motorcycle season, the Bike4Life festival wanted to recreate the stellar atmosphere of the 2015 event when 5,000 riders took the 23 mile ride out from Meole Brace in Shrewsbury to the festival's location at the impressive RAF Museum in Cosford [...]

NOVA pro audio trade accounts now available!

When we discovered NOVA, we discovered pro audio kit without the Gucci price tag. It was a revelation; NOVA gear is staggeringly good. So good, in fact, that we developed a new brand and online store around it - the very one you have loaded on your browser right now! At Precise Music, we have a clearly-defined goal: to abolish gear snobbery by introducing audio engineers, bands and DJs to NOVA speaker systems, amps and controllers. You simply don't need [...]