How to provide field-filling sound at outdoor events

The team at Precise Events were recently hired to provide sound reinforcement at the Scotland vs Iceland women's Euro qualifiers. Hosted at Falkirk Stadium, the task was twofold; the national anthem announcement and performance needed to be heard by all, as did two live performances held before the match and at half time. Outdoor gigging is always tricky, but even more so when multiple performance locations within the same arena need to be catered for. Thankfully, Precise could of course call [...]

How to deal with a difficult band if you’re a sound engineer

If you're a sound engineer, you'll know there are few sinking feelings worse than the one you get when when looking up from the mixing desk to see the lead singer, again, pointing to the heavens. "Make me louder," they're saying. "You're already too loud," you're saying (to yourself, of course). Providing live sound for a difficult band is a challenge most front of house engineers will experience at some stage. Dealt with incorrectly, it can cause running tensions all night that [...]