Monthly Archives - August 2016

How to master stage monitoring

We’ve all seen those instances on TV where, during a live stage performance, a superstar can be seen gesticulating frantically to someone out of view. They point to their ear or at the floor, wave their hands, shrug and shout inaudibly at the poor person on the receiving end. If you work in this trade, you’ll know that they’re complaining about the fact they can’t hear themselves. But it you’re a monitor engineer or have ever been given the task [...]

What it takes to provide live audio at an airshow

  If you're a sound engineer and you've been asked to fill a massive field with music and commentary for an airshow, you may be looking at your kit and scratching your head. What to take? How can one generate enough sound reinforcement to ensure everyone in attendance can hear the intricacies of the show whilst avoiding the requirement to call upon several hire vans to transport the no doubt endless numbers of speakers, amps and meters of cabling? Well, good news - you [...]