Monthly Archives - September 2016

Choosing the right pro audio speakers for gigs

On this blog, we often feature in-depth advice on some of the more technical aspects of live sound. For example, how to EQ vocals, and the secrets of providing a good monitor mix will certainly be of use to audio professionals, but we appreciate not everyone reading these pages will sit within that camp. What if you’ve been asked to provide sound at a friend’s 50th birthday party or have been roped in to arrange adequate amplification for the (human) [...]

How to EQ vocals (properly)

Ask any sound engineer what the perennial problem at gigs is, and they’ll likely point to the vocal mic. Microphones are lively beasts - as are some of the singers - and taming them whilst providing a sonically accurate representation of what is being sung is incredibly difficult. As with so much in sound engineering, the key to ensuring vocals are balanced properly against the rest of the band is getting the mix right, and they key to getting the [...]