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Traditional PA vs Line Array: what’s best for you?

All public address (although, let’s stick with ‘PA’) systems feature a few things in common. They consist of speakers, amplifiers, a mixer and some form of input. But beyond these commonalities, they come in many different shapes, sizes and configurations. This often makes the choice of PA a tricky one for the sound engineer or venue. It isn’t always as simple as ‘big room = big PA’. Beyond output, all manner of things need to be considered; the type of [...]

Our 20 favourite musician quotes

Anyone who has worked in live music, be it from behind the mixing desk or at the front of the stage, will know just how funny a place it can be. Just like a football dressing room, the camaraderie is - usually - unbeatable and full of characters you’ll remember for a lifetime. Friendships are forged, the occasional enemy made and incidents take place that will forever be useful icebreakers during dinner table discussions. But it’s the laughs that stick out [...]