Monthly Archives - January 2017

The best way to label a mixing desk

Not every job on the sound engineer’s to-do list revolves around making noise. It’s a shame, but an unavoidable aspect of the job. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you’ll have to carry heavy kit through venues; you’ll have to meet with difficult bands and reiterate how feedback is generated; if you’re a freelancer, you’ll probably have to ‘do the accounts’, too. Some jobs in this business are, unfortunately, incredibly dull. It would be easy to assume the same is true when it comes [...]

What to expect from NAMM 2017

A new year brings new hope, expectation and anticipation in the world of live audio. And there’s a very simple reason for that; next week, thousands will flock to Anaheim, California, to find out what’s in store for the future of music technology. NAMM 2017 is upon us, and as much as we deeply wish we could be there, America is an awfully long way to travel for a music trade show. And anyway, we’ve got NOVA gear to promote! The [...]