How to deal with “TURN IT DOWN!” requests as the sound engineer

The tell tale signs are obvious. They’ve been sitting there for the first half of the show, constantly straining their neck to glance around at the mixing desk. They do this consistently every thirty seconds or so, before returning to face the band, occasionally muttering something to their partner. Then, it happens. They sidle up to the desk, lean over it (usually with drink in hand, haphazardly sloshing its contents all over the EQ and FX knobs) and shout “turn [...]

How to pick the best mixer for live gigs

As much as we love line arrays, big amps and system controllers, an audio engineer is never going to get particularly far without the humble mixing desk. They’re the hub of any live audio gig into which every input and output connects. They’re sweated over during the performance, tweaked, fiddled, occasionally bashed and monitored almost constantly. Put simply, the mixer plays perhaps the most crucial role when it comes to ‘gluing’ a gig together. But how do you pick the right one? [...]