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7 essential tips for a stress-free tour

Taking to the road as a sound engineer is as exciting as it is stressful. Days, weeks or even months away from home are a novelty at the start, but that soon wears off as the people you find yourself living, working and playing with become more irritating each day. Suddenly, things that you’d otherwise dismiss as in irrelevance turn into the exact opposite. Despite this, touring should be fun. You only live once, after all, and if you spend an [...]

How to work with the lighting tech as a sound engineer

Sound and light should work in perfect harmony at live gigs, and to the audience, that’s (nearly) always the case. If everything goes swimmingly, they’ll be treated to great sound reproduction and a dazzling stage illumination. Behind the scenes, things might be rather different, for as long as gigging has existed, there has often been an inexplicable divide between the lighting and sound teams. It doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in fisticuffs, but it’s there, and can result in two silos [...]