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How to become a freelance sound engineer

The freelancing economy in the UK is booming. Since 2009, it has grown by 25% and now generates an estimated £109 billion every year. Some industries have been well attuned to freelance workers for some time, and nowhere is that more true than in the field of pro audio, where freelance sound engineers regularly rub shoulders with lighting techs, roadies and tour managers who have all shunned regular employment for their own mini enterprises. If you’re determined to make it as [...]

4 live sound mistakes you won’t want to make twice

We all make mistakes - we’re human, after all. In live sound, errors often pass by unnoticed by the majority of those in attendance. Sure, as the engineer, you might rue your decision to push up a fader or curse your inability to find the frequency at the heart of the booming, but the chances of such mistakes ruining the night are satisfyingly low. Then, there’s the big stuff - the mistakes which will put a significant damper on the night [...]