Gear buyer's guide

How to pick the best mixer for live gigs

As much as we love line arrays, big amps and system controllers, an audio engineer is never going to get particularly far without the humble mixing desk. They’re the hub of any live audio gig into which every input and output connects. They’re sweated over during the performance, tweaked, fiddled, occasionally bashed and monitored almost constantly. Put simply, the mixer plays perhaps the most crucial role when it comes to ‘gluing’ a gig together. But how do you pick the right one? [...]

Traditional PA vs Line Array: what’s best for you?

All public address (although, let’s stick with ‘PA’) systems feature a few things in common. They consist of speakers, amplifiers, a mixer and some form of input. But beyond these commonalities, they come in many different shapes, sizes and configurations. This often makes the choice of PA a tricky one for the sound engineer or venue. It isn’t always as simple as ‘big room = big PA’. Beyond output, all manner of things need to be considered; the type of [...]

What it takes to provide live audio at an airshow

  If you're a sound engineer and you've been asked to fill a massive field with music and commentary for an airshow, you may be looking at your kit and scratching your head. What to take? How can one generate enough sound reinforcement to ensure everyone in attendance can hear the intricacies of the show whilst avoiding the requirement to call upon several hire vans to transport the no doubt endless numbers of speakers, amps and meters of cabling? Well, good news - you [...]

How to choose the right PA system

We’re on a mission to give people the world over the chance to sample the sheer brilliance of NOVA’s PA gear, but the fact that this fantastic brand occupies a landscape littered with competitors and all manner of speaker, mixer, amp and controller configurations demonstrates how tricky it can be for the customer. How on earth do you battle through the overwhelming range of options available and pick the right PA? If you’re sitting staring at your laptop screen, scratching your [...]