Sound engineering tips

How to master live sound in a small room

Small rooms are often favoured by bands and audience members due to the connection they enable between both parties. Think back to your favourite gig as an attendee, and I bet it was in a tiny venue. Unfortunately, mixing sound in small rooms presents just as big a challenge as doing so in their large cousins. Instead of trying to make a cavernous, reverberating room sound pleasing to the ear, sound engineers have to contend with the tricky task of [...]

Asked to ‘turn it down’? What causes a gig to be too loud?

If you’re a sound engineer or a gigging band, you’ll be familiar with the following scenario. You’re halfway through the night and the crowd is rocking. The epic medley of Queen songs you’re thrashing your way through is about to reach its crescendo and then, he appears. Meandering through the throng of the dance floor, a grim-faced chap approaches the stage or mixing desk, cups both hands around his mouth and shouts (you assume - you can’t hear him, after [...]

What is sound?

Sound is everywhere. Even in the quietest of rooms, it can make its presence felt purely by the ambient sounds of the living, breathing planet we inhabit. In concert venues, it is somewhat more noticeable, but given sound’s prevalence everywhere, it’s easy to overlook a very important question… What is sound? For audio engineers, whether they be based in the studio or on the road, understanding the intricacies of sound is an important life lesson. If you’re sat behind a mixing [...]

5 ways to reduce feedback in live sound

Feedback. There’s nothing worse, is there? It’s the stuff of nightmares for sound engineers; that sickening, screeching sound building in intensity as you desperately try to work out from which channel it is emanating. It can ruin gigs and put the band firmly against you. Good news, though. There are many ways to reduce feedback at a gig. In this post, we’ve picked out 5 of the best. So, grab a pen, notebook and prepare to kill feedback stone dead. Pay attention [...]