20 of our favourite music memes – for your pleasure

The internet's a funny old place. If you work in the live music industry, you'll be aware of the abundance of characters and situations that play perfectly into the hands of meme creators. What's a meme, you ask? It's nothing more than an image and caption that have been combined for comic effect. The internet is full of them, but we've picked out twenty of our favourite music-based memes for your pleasure. Enjoy! 1 If you're an audio engineer, you'll have to work with pop [...]

7 essential tips for a stress-free tour

Taking to the road as a sound engineer is as exciting as it is stressful. Days, weeks or even months away from home are a novelty at the start, but that soon wears off as the people you find yourself living, working and playing with become more irritating each day. Suddenly, things that you’d otherwise dismiss as in irrelevance turn into the exact opposite. Despite this, touring should be fun. You only live once, after all, and if you spend an [...]

The best way to label a mixing desk

Not every job on the sound engineer’s to-do list revolves around making noise. It’s a shame, but an unavoidable aspect of the job. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you’ll have to carry heavy kit through venues; you’ll have to meet with difficult bands and reiterate how feedback is generated; if you’re a freelancer, you’ll probably have to ‘do the accounts’, too. Some jobs in this business are, unfortunately, incredibly dull. It would be easy to assume the same is true when it comes [...]

What to expect from NAMM 2017

A new year brings new hope, expectation and anticipation in the world of live audio. And there’s a very simple reason for that; next week, thousands will flock to Anaheim, California, to find out what’s in store for the future of music technology. NAMM 2017 is upon us, and as much as we deeply wish we could be there, America is an awfully long way to travel for a music trade show. And anyway, we’ve got NOVA gear to promote! The [...]

Our 20 favourite musician quotes

Anyone who has worked in live music, be it from behind the mixing desk or at the front of the stage, will know just how funny a place it can be. Just like a football dressing room, the camaraderie is - usually - unbeatable and full of characters you’ll remember for a lifetime. Friendships are forged, the occasional enemy made and incidents take place that will forever be useful icebreakers during dinner table discussions. But it’s the laughs that stick out [...]

How to promote a live gig with zero budget

Promoting a gig isn’t easy, but doing so with next to no funds is downright impossible. Isn’t it? Good news: if you’re due to host a live music event and are fretting about how on earth to get word out when your marketing budget is nil, you’re living in an age where a bit of ingenuity, effort and use of modern technology can turn you into a gig promoter superstar. Advertising live music doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, we think [...]

NOVA Elite roars at Bike4Life 2016

Our sister company, Precise Events, knows a thing or two about providing the kind of live audio kit required for open air gigs, and last weekend they did just that at the Bike4Life festival at RAF Cosford. Tasked with kicking off the 2016 motorcycle season, the Bike4Life festival wanted to recreate the stellar atmosphere of the 2015 event when 5,000 riders took the 23 mile ride out from Meole Brace in Shrewsbury to the festival's location at the impressive RAF Museum in Cosford [...]

Think you haven’t heard NOVA audio? Think again.

As the Millennium Falcon roared overhead following its much anticipated return to the silver screen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was as though every frequency known to man had been used to create the hyperdrive-powered freighter’s sound and unmistakable aura. If you were one of the millions of people who saw the reboot of one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time, there’s a very good chance the sonics you were treated to were delivered by [...]

Why we’re determined to abolish gear snobbery

Every live sound engineer will have a story similar to this one, for it is as old as live music itself... You turn up to the gig. You've been asked to bring your own kit, which is fair enough; the band is a relatively new outfit and doubtless has zero budget for a decent PA system. So, out comes your trusty amp, mixer and speakers. You bust a gut carrying them from your van, up a flight of stairs which wouldn't [...]

NOVA Euphoria 300 packs a punch!

The NOVA Euphoria 300 is an ultra-compact, high-performance PA system: EUPHORIA 300 combines all the advantages of a column system with the performance of a professional sound system. EUPHORIA 300 is so compact that it fits comfortably in the boot of a micro-car. Designed and manufactured with first-class components the NOVA EUPHORIA 300 provides "packs a big punch". The NOVA EUPHORIA 300 is based on the same technology as the large line array systems also available from NOVA.  The ultra-compact EX300 column loudspeakers are equipped [...]