DXP Series


DXP Series Amplifiers

The DXP-series amplifiers are two-channel amplifiers with a compact size of 2U (rack spaces). The DXP-series amplifiers offer clean and dynamic sound quality and a reliability that you can depend on. The front panel houses the two gain controls for easy access and the main power switch. The LED display informs about the condition of the amplifiers. The rear panel houses two XLR input connectors and two XLR output connectors (link). The input sensivity (gain) can be switched in following modes: 1.4 volts, 32 dB and 26 dB. Two SPEAKON© outputs are mounted at the rear side. The SPEAKON© connector of output 1 (left) is connected at all four poles. This connector offers the output signal of channel 2 (right) at the pins 2 (+/-). This enables a four-pole connection of two-way speaker systems with one speaker cable only. The DXP-series amplifiers can be switched into three different operation modes: stereo, parallel and bridge mode. The independent limiters can be switched on or off. All models are equipped with a switch-on delay to protect the connected speakers.


► Professional audio quality and robust processing
► SMPS (switch mode power supply) with PFC
► Independent clip limiters
► Class-H technology (all models)
► Comprehensive package of safety circuits


Safety circuits

The comprehensive package of safety circuits protects the connected speakers. All NOVA X-series amplifiers are equipped with following safety circuits:

Back EMF protection
Speakers are a complex and reactive load for any amplifier. Because of the high damping factor of all NOVA amplifiers the EMF effect figures not during normal operation. If a speaker is defective the energy could be sent back to the amplifier. This energy is very high and could damage the amplifier without back. All NOVA amplifiers are equipped with a back EMF protection.

Short circuit protection
A short circuit in a speaker or cable could damage the transistors of the amplifier. All NOVA amplifiers are equipped with short circuit protection.

Overheating protection
All NOVA ampifiers are equipped with sensors at the transistors and transformers. The permanent monitoring of temperature ensures the built-in fans provide sufficient cooling.

HF protection
Extremely high frequencies could damage the voice coils of the connected loudspeakers. All NOVA amplifiers are equipped with HF protection circuits and filters.

DC protection
DC (direct current) at amplifiers output could damage the voice coils of connected loudspeakers. All NOVA amplifiers are equipped with DC protection circuits.

Technical Data


DXP Series Amplifiers

Three professional power amplifiers with SMPS and PFC for professional applications, first-class performance, high reliability and low weight.