• 4 inputs and 8 outputs with free routine
  •  Intuitive handling at the front-panel and via PC software
  •  8 equalizers p. input ch. (low-/high-shelf/parametric)
  • 6 equalizers p. output ch. (low-/high-shelf/parametric)
  • Symmetric inputs and outputs via XLR connectors
  •  Analog and digital (AES/EBU©) inputs
  • RS485 connectors at the rear-panel
  • High performance 32-bit DSP (digtial sound processor)
  • 96 kHz AD/DA converters (Burr Brown©)
  •  Dynamic range >114 dB
  • Security functions (lock front panel, etc.)
  • Up to 250 units can be controlled in one RS485 network
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Product Description

The DC8000 is a digital 4-in / 8-out speaker management matrix system with an internal resolution of 32 bit and 96 kHz sampling rate. The DC8000 is equipped with 4 analog inputs, 8 analog and digital (AES/EBU© format) outputs and two RS485 remote-connectors. The use of modern and fast DSPs enables a latency (analog to analog) of 0,625 ms only. Each input channel includes 8 equalizers (with low-shelf, high-shelf and parametric function), a delay function and a noise gate. The polarity of each input channel can be switched from + to -. Each output channel includes 6 equalizers (with low-shelf, high-shelf and parametric function) and a delay function. The HPF (high-pass filter) and the LPF (low-pass filter) is part of each output channel. Both offer three different operation modes: Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth and Bessel (up to 48 dB/Oct). Each output channel includes a high performance limiter. The integrated flash memory chip offers space for 30 presets which can be loaded via the preset-menu, three default-buttons or the PC remote software.


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