Column Line Array Systems – Nova Euphoria

Column Line Array Systems – Nova Euphoria

Column Line Array Systems

The purpose of a PA system is to deliver sound to the audience, and deliver it well. It should be as simple as that. But wait, it never really is that easy, is it? You could probably count the amount of times you have experienced perfect sound as an audience member on one hand.  And for performers the same challenge still stands how often have you ever felt that your band’s sound has been delivered to the audience as well as it should have been?

Achieving adequate volume has never been a problem, however achieving clarity that’s a different story. It is possible for a PA system to be capable of detailed, warm sounding clarity whilst achieving the required volume levels?


We have all experienced at live gigs that fuzzy distorted mush of sound that assaults your ears. Clarity, therefore, is the last remaining challenge of PA. It is the last major problem that remains difficult to solve.

Think of the sound as you would a beam of light place a reflector behind the lamp and a lense and it all becomes directional. If we could achieve the same with sound we could focus the music at the audience  and also retain levels as it travels.

The solution to the above is a loudspeaker that focused in the vertical dimension but spreads sound widely in the horizontal dimension. To do this, the speaker needs to be large vertically, but small horizontally, and this is the function on a column line array speaker.

Line arrays are standard now at concerts and arenas, so they should be good enough for the smaller venues and bands too.

The NOVA Euphoria system is a column line array system that now fills that void. Utilising a wave guide which effectively doubles the sources from the 5″ speakers and offering a coverage is 100° x 25°.  There is now no reason why smaller bands should not take advantage of line array technology. The Euphoria system is small enough to fit in the back of most cars but still manages to pack an impressive 3200 watts RMS of power.

Great sound should reach beyond large concert venues , and should be available to all, at a reasonable price.

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