NOVA Elite roars at Bike4Life 2016

NOVA Elite roars at Bike4Life 2016

Toseland on the NOVA Elite-powered main stage

Our sister company, Precise Events, knows a thing or two about providing the kind of live audio kit required for open air gigs, and last weekend they did just that at the Bike4Life festival at RAF Cosford.

Tasked with kicking off the 2016 motorcycle season, the Bike4Life festival wanted to recreate the stellar atmosphere of the 2015 event when 5,000 riders took the 23 mile ride out from Meole Brace in Shrewsbury to the festival’s location at the impressive RAF Museum in Cosford where they were greeted with huge cheers by thousands of festival goers.

A big festival needs a big sound, and Precise Events were delighted to be selected to provide sound reinforcement at this year’s Bike4Life extravaganza for both the main stage and the event arena. With so much space to fill with sound, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the monster NOVA Elite system an outing.

The number of bikers for the 2016 Bike4Life festival had increased to 12,000 and there was a similarly impressive increase in attendance, so the bands taking to the stage (including the excellent headliner, Toseland) needed the ability to cut through the roar of thousands of bike engines and cheers of sun-drenched festival goers. NOVA’s Elite system packs a field-filling punch with cutting-edge features such as 3D aiming software and therefore had no problem delivering a huge sound for everyone in attendance.

Simply put, it absolutely rocked the crowd and helped make a day dedicated to raising funds for the Air Ambulance a resounding success.

If you’re after a system capable of bringing festivals and large gigs to life, check out the NOVA Elite system today.

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