Think you haven’t heard NOVA audio? Think again.

Think you haven’t heard NOVA audio? Think again.

Star Wars: The Force AwakensAs the Millennium Falcon roared overhead following its much anticipated return to the silver screen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was as though every frequency known to man had been used to create the hyperdrive-powered freighter’s sound and unmistakable aura.

If you were one of the millions of people who saw the reboot of one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time, there’s a very good chance the sonics you were treated to were delivered by none other than NOVA audio.

We chose NOVA not because of its prevalence in gear talk circles (we dislike gear snobbery intensely), but because of the simply mind blowing performance their kit offers. At this point, you’re probably still scratching your head, but, if you think you’ve never heard NOVA gear before and love a trip to the flicks, you may be some way wide of the mark; we can almost guarantee you’ve been unknowingly impressed by NOVA before. You see, for many years, they’ve been a very big deal in cinema sound.

Getting sound right for film isn’t easy. The dynamic range of most films is rather wild and certainly more unpredictable than a concert. Explosions, clashing swords, screeching tyres and atmospheric soundtracks all have to fight for space and still allow dialogue to be heard clearly. How many times have you sat at home watching a film whilst cranking up the volume to hear Bruce Willis deliver another barely inaudible line when you suddenly have your ears blown off by the arrival of an unexpected helicopter crashing through the glass window of the building? That’s what cinema audio gear has to contend with and there are few better at it than NOVA.

That said, the kit you’d find nestling behind your local cineplex’s expansive screen isn’t that different to what you’ll find at a music event. Subs, traditional front systems and even line arrays are regularly used, but it takes a company like NOVA to ensure they perform correctly in that environment.

Whenever our parent company, Precise Events, run an event with NOVA speakers, those attending are quick to comment on just how clear the sound is. There’s a simple reason for that; the many years NOVA have invested in cinema sound has resulted in them excelling in creating systems which can pump out crystal-clear, dynamic audio at all volumes. There’s little they can’t handle, and if Bruce Willis can be brushed off without so much as a whimper, you’re safe in the knowledge that a three piece folk outfit are going to sound just as impressive.

Sound reinforcement, no matter in which capacity it is deployed, can make or break an event (or, in this case, film). So, the next time you’re sat in a cinema and find the sound particularly enjoyable, take a look around – we can almost guarantee you’ll see the word ‘NOVA’ on the surround speakers adorning the walls.

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